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رمز عبور را فراموش کرده اید؟

برای بازنشانی رمز عبورتان ایمیلی برای شما ارسال می کنیم.

برای بازنشانی رمز عبور شما یک پیام متنی Whatsapp ارسال می کنیم.

یا می توانیم برای شما ایمیل بفرستد

Our Services

Individual Online Meetings

Our dedicated online support worker will provide customized recommendations, guidance, and answer your questions.

Credential Assessment

Determine whether your education or profession can be transferred to meet Canadian regulations and take necessary steps required.

Online Learning Modules

Explore potential career opportunities through our interactive online learning modules.


We offer workshops on obtaining Foreign Credential Recognition (FCR) and starting your own business in Canada.

Guidance on job search strategies, resume writing and interview preparation.

Continuous Support

Our program is committed to providing ongoing support throughout your journey. We will maintain regular contact with you even after your arrival in Canada.

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